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International Vessel Documentation Services

We offer a wide range of services and solutions for all your Vessel Documentation needs. We specialized in U.S. and Foreign Registration for Pleasure and Commercial Vessels.
Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions.
Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff is looking forward to serving you!

List of Services
State Registration – Foreign Registration

US Coast Guard Documentation

Preferred Mortgages
Satisfaction of Mortgage
Mortgage Amendment
Mortgage Assignment
Removal from Documentation
Notice of Claim of Lien
Sale Alien
Professional Closing Services
Fleet Mortgages
Replacement of lost document
Mortgage Assumption
Mortgage Subordination
Satisfaction of Claim of Lien
USCG Title Search
State Titling and Registration

Frequently Asked Questions about Vessel Documentation:

Here we’ve gathered most of the common questions people have about vessel documentation. If these don’t answer your question, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll be glad to help.


What is Vessel Documentation?

Vessel documentation is the federal registration of commercial and recreational vessels with the Coast Guard and is only available to United States citizens. Documentation establishes an internationally recognized maritime title for the vessel and acts as the vessel’s passport in foreign waters. It also establishes an official basis for vessel identification and control.


What is the purpose of Vessel Documentation?

Documentation is required for the operation of vessels in certain trades and serves as evidence of vessel nationality. What types of vessels require documentation? With certain exceptions, any vessel of at least 5 net tons which engages in the commercial and pleasure trade (usually 25 feet or more) qualify for documentation. (volume measurement).


Advantages of U.S. Documentation:

  • The vessel does not need to notify U.S. Customs when moving in U.S. waters.
  • If the vessel is U.S. built, it may engage in cost wise trade (i.e., charters for hire).
  • U.S. documentation and U.S. companies are more familiar to many persons within the U.S., including some lenders.
  • A vessel is considered under the protection of and subject to the rules of its port of registry. Thus, a U.S. documented vessel is protected by the U.S. Navy whereas a British registered vessel is protected by the British Navy.
  • Some owners want to show their patriotism by flying a U.S. flag.


Marine Documentation in Miami Florida USA

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